Visual Effects Demo Reel    (more videos below)


In 2012, BFX Imageworks was hired on by the prestigious Visual Effects Society to handle creating and rendering the graphics package for their annual Awards show held in Beverly Hills and broadcast on TV. In addition, they asked us to edit together a "Nominee Reel", which was a segment, cut to music, that played to the audience (and world) before the show started. This required us finding the perfect music, then cutting together, in a stylized fashion, all the clips from ALL the nominees, which included not only FILM and TV Shows but also Commercials, Video Games, Documentaries and even long form visuals like you find at Disneyworld and Universal multi dimensional rides. This was a HUGE HUGE honor or us. Not the least of which was having our work watched by such luminaries and legends of the VFX industry like Dennis Muren and Douglas Trumbull, who congratulated us on a great job at the end of the show. Bucket list item! Check! We share this with you as a reminder that in addition to Visual Effects, BFX can put together that TRAILER for your movie project or any kind of SIZZLE reel you may need as well!  

Awards Nominee Montage

Awards Graphics Intro