“In addition to doing diligent, timely, creative and professional work, Steve and Benni bring an infectious enthusiasm and total commitment to their shots —however big or small— that make BFX an absolute joy to work with. Their love of the magic of storytelling, their willingness to learn and collaborate, and their passion for working with people to achieve their visions remind me of why I got into this industry and art form in the first place.”
Van Ling, Writer/Director, “Cliffs of Freedom”
"I call them The Flying Blasinis, because they are digital trapeze artists extraordinaire. No challenge, no deadline is too daunting. For many years now they've come through for me, and delivered amazing bang for the buck. Steve and Bennique are a dream team to work with, from design to final render. They understand editing, so they know what a director needs in a VFX action sequence, and can offer options at the planning stage if there are budget issues. Above all they are fiercely committed to quality. I look forward to making more digital mayhem with them in the years to come."
Brian Trenchard-Smith - Director/Producer
"Having worked with BFX on numerous projects we have seen them excel in everything from motion graphics to lifelike creature animation. Flat out, there's really nothing these guys can't do."
Fred Olen Ray - Director/Producer
"Congrats to you and your team...you should be proud of your work."
Sci-Fi Channel
"The effort and research the Blasini's put into every project, from spiders on steroids to exploding space stations, no matter the budget is second to none - and the result is consistently great CGI.  Excellent communication between BFX and their clients throughout a project makes the entire process efficient and painless.  An editor's dream team."
John Blizek - Editor
“BFX Imageworks brings talent, competitive prices and true artist collaboration to any visual effects job they tackle. They have always come through for me.”
Paul James Tierney - CineCal Entertainment, Inc.
"Steve and BenniQue not only know what they're doing, they love their work -- and it shows in every frame of the final product. Their enthusiasm makes them a delight to work with, their professionalism makes the process easy and worry-free, and their artistry makes the result spectacular. I highly, happily,and wholeheartedly recommend them."
Richard Manning - Writer/Producer
"Dear BenniQue and Steven,
On behalf of DGA Special Projects, many thanks for participating in this year’s Digital Day at the DGA. Your “VFX from Jersey Shore Shark Attack” presentation was a highlight of the day and we’re still getting enthusiastic feedback from DGA members and guests who attended.
Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise, and for helping to make Digital Day such a success."
Gina Blumenfeld
Special Projects Executive
cc: Randal Kleiser, Chair, Special Projects Digital Day Subcommittee"
"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with BFX Imageworks on a number of films now, and their craftsmanship and creativity never ceases to amaze me.  Whether its unleashing a colony of bats on a talking dog and his owner, sending a school of sharks after unsuspecting beachgoers, or crushing two of Hollywood's finest actors with a runaway ferris wheel, Steve and Bennique always rise to the challenge and excel my greatest expectations.  Their enthusiasm and work ethic are second to none and I look forward to continuing our relationship on many future films."
Peter Sullivan - Writer/Producer/Director
"The last visual piece of the film are the effects. 
BFX Imageworks always comes through with the perfect footage."

Gary Adelman - Producer
"Steve and BenniQue are an absolute pleasure to work with.  Great communication from beginning to end makes for a smooth post work flow, and delivery of fantastic shots on a schedule that should be impossible...and IS impossible for almost anyone else!"
Randy Carter - Editor
"BFX Imageworks has constantly been a trusted vendor for us, no matter the project.  Their work is always top-quality and reflective of the best the industry has to offer.  Steve and BenniQue are friendly, professional, and always tolerant of our ever-shortening deadlines. They’re more than just Visual FX artists – they’re family."
Richard Carroll - Director of Production - Regent Studios